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Adios, shalom, zai jian, au revoir, adye, kwaheri, ciao, namaste, salaam, tot ziens, o dabo, annyeong, tschuss, hejda, bedrood

DEAREST PLAYGROUP FAMILIES,  I’ve decided that next year will be my last.   Once again, I have a wonderful group of kids.  I’m in the midst of writing/posting a longer note, but want to take my time with it. Much love, Judy Note:  I would love if anyone who’s been part of the playgroup at any point and felt inspired, would write and post something about their memories of Judy’s Playgroup.


I’m crushed to report my site was recently hacked. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. I’m told it was probably part of a group of hacked sites. Nothing personal! I haven’t gone through all the posts with a fine-toothed comb, but it looks like the posts, but not the design, are intact. I’m hoping to restore the original but it doesn’t look likely at this moment. Well, life goes on.


We are so happy with our decision to enroll our son in Judy’s Playgroup. When we visited the space last year, we immediately got a great vibe. Every corner of Judy’s playgroup space is filled with bright, fun, and enriching objects. It turned out to be the perfect place for our son to begin his educational journey. The small group size allows for socialization but also ample attention when needed, which is exactly what we … Read more


Judy’s Playgroup is the best experience I could have ever hoped for, for my son Harmony.  Harmony is thriving  in Judy’s world – her  care and curation of their everyday experience is so thoughtful and detailed.  Everything feels authentic from the routine for the day, to the friendships that have evolved,  to the beautiful art projects explored and brought home. Harmony adores his fellow classmates and Meghan and Judy and expresses this to me often which warms my heart … Read more


Although we have friends who have raved about Judy’s Playgroup, we were hesitant to enroll our daughter this year given COVID.  But boy are we glad we did.  Judy has been extremely vigilant about putting everyone’s health and safety first. Plus, it has been nice to have Judy and fellow parents to navigate these crazy times with.  Most importantly, our daughter could not be happier. We have really seen her thrive. We knew the minute … Read more


I received the following gift from a long-time friend, Tony Mitchelson, who sent me a poem last week for the holiday season. I had been to one of his readings in the past, but realized I didn’t know the meaning of the word “Linyak.” I asked him what “Linyak” meant and he just sent me the following: “Linyak is my revised spelling of the word Lagniappe which is a Creole word which means to ‘give … Read more

Letter to Parents

So here we are in the middle of a pandemic.  Few of us could have ever imagined what life would look like in August of 2020.  In normal times, as parents and teachers of young children, we would be getting excited about the new school year and savoring the last days of summer before everything gets crazy busy again.   The tone of this time is very reminiscent for me of the days and months … Read more


I loved my time at Judy’s Playgroup. I’m 32 and my best friends are still from there! It’s a community, creative loving and engaged. I feel so lucky. Lena Dunham, Class of 1989

Quill Pig Farm

My daughter, Sara, and her husband, Doni, have created a wonderful life on a farm in Plainfield, Vermont.  They raise beautiful and healthy pigs, primarily, and have the meat humanely processed.  They sell their delicious products in Vermont, also delivering to Manhattan and Brooklyn once a month.     This may seem shamelessly self- and family-promoting (I guess it really is), but suffice to say I am immensely proud of them and their pure intention … Read more


We bring home these beautiful and precious babies.  We love them, nurture them, trying our hardest to fulfill their every need.  We stare at them for hours on end, looking for signs of connection.  We are thrilled when they make the tiniest bit of progress.  They grow and change daily, learn and delight us. So, it stands to reason that we are shocked when, only months later, they start saying “No!” and suddenly aren’t cooperating.  … Read more