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Our Cardboard House #1

This is my very first attempt at putting pictures up on my blog by myself!   Some people, such as myself, and of  “a certain age” have trouble even attempting this sort of thing.  I hereby thank Levi Ward for his brilliant tutorial called: “Adding a Photo to a little by little Post.”  It’s so easy!!

Anyway, here is the very beginning of the cardboard house we make every year about this time.  I usually start with one large box and add to it over the following weeks.  The kids have a large say in how it develops, and how it gets decorated. I’m very sensitive to how the kids play in it.  I have to make sure that it has strategically placed entrances/exits that allow them to never feel trapped inside.  However, they do learn to negotiated the space, which I think is a beautiful metaphor for how we humans co-exist.

By the way, the one in the box is Julien, and the one running is Eli.

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  1. Amy Amy

    “little (art) by little (life).” How sweet it is! And both are so fragile, you must handle with care.

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