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When my son was one and I began looking at local preschools, what struck me was that the teachers were so focused and serious in the classrooms that none of them ever smiled.  The fact that Ms. X was finishing her PhD in child development meant nothing to me. There was a serious absence of warmth there.  And then a friend told me about Judy Stevens.

The time my son spent at Judy’s Playgroup was probably the most perfect time in his life.  She realized immediately how independent he was, and sent me on my way after the first day.  He spent the next ten months learning, creating, and most importantly, coming to understand how to really play with other children.  He learned to cooperate, share and take turns, and how to eat lunch on his own, all before his third birthday.  Judy’s focus on this age group gives them all the value of her experience, and a wealth of opportunities that it’s hard for a mom to give her kid.  She has tremendous patience, but most importantly, she truly loves that age group.  Terrible-twos is a concept that is completely foreign to Judy.

I will never forget the last day of the year, when we said goodbye to Judy:  the kids played, happy as can be, and every mom cried, knowing that in all probability, they would never again be in a learning environment where they were so loved and appreciated.  When my son was accepted to college last year, Judy was one of the first people I called.  He is now a design major at an art school; the foundation for his love of art being laid in Judy’s.  For 17 years I have been recommending Judy to every new mom I meet, and many have taken my advice.  I know each and every one of them has been as grateful as I am for being able to give their child this wonderful experience.

– Fraya Berg

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