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Judy’s Playgroup is a nurturing oasis within the hustle and bustle of Tribeca.  As a parent, it’s difficult to know what exactly will be the right environment for your son or daughter as they turn 2 years old.  That said, my husband and I feel incredibly fortunate and overwhelmingly blessed to have chosen Judy’s.  It has been, simply, perfect.

Our daughter is a shy little girl.  Yet, after just a few weeks of attending playgroup, would wake up and ask to go to Judy’s well before its morning start.  Judy’s organic learning style has provided our daughter with important life lessons.  Her self-confidence has blossomed, her passion for playing with friends has been illuminated, and her emotional and communication skills have been fostered with loving care.

We are so thankful to have Judy in our daughter’s life.

– Laura & Joe Hickman


I have had the privilege of having both my children attend Judy Stevens’ playgroup.  The atmosphere is supportive, warm and inviting, allowing children to take risks, experiment and socialize in a variety of ways.  I am always impressed with the range of activities that Judy prepares for her groups, from making apple galettes, to creating egg carton decorations, producing literacy-rich books, and constructing a child-size cardboard house.  Judy’s penchant for the arts translates into rich projects during which children experiment with various textiles.

Judy instills independence, honors each child’s voice and supports her group through obstacles in the most consistent and gentle fashion.  Judy’s years of experience with this age group is evident as she unfailingly has suggestions, comments and observations to help guid both students and families.

– Alix Morgan & Ashley Marable


Judy’s Playgroup has been the ideal first home-away-from-home for our son.  Judy has dedicated her life and her home to the playgroup and her love, experience and creativity is pervasive as she nourishes our son’s independence and curiosity.  The intimacy of the group allows for development on both a group and individual level.  My son loves going to Judy’s and I love the blossoming boy that comes back.  I consider my family so lucky to have discovered Judy and this wonderful place.

– Sarah & Jon Dorfman

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