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Although we have friends who have raved about Judy’s Playgroup, we were hesitant to enroll our daughter this year given COVID.  But boy are we glad we did.  Judy has been extremely vigilant about putting everyone’s health and safety first. Plus, it has been nice to have Judy and fellow parents to navigate these crazy times with. 

Most importantly, our daughter could not be happier. We have really seen her thrive. We knew the minute we walked into Judy’s magical wonderland and saw our daughter excitedly play with the endless toys and curiosities that this was going to be a special place. But it has been so much more than we could have hoped. Whether it’s the excitement of seeing the friends she loves or sharing the latest creation she worked on at Judy’s (i.e. the fabulous books, necklaces, vegan goldfish, banana bread muffins, art projects, the list goes on…) it’s just been amazing to see our daughter blossom and grow.  

We love knowing our daughter is under the watchful guidance of Judy whose immense heart, creative spirit and extensive experience bring the perfect balance of free play, socialization and learning to make this truly a perfect experience. We could not be happier and feel so lucky to have found Judy.  

Prithvi Reddy and Mousmi Sharma

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  1. Ilana Berger Ilana Berger

    Dear Prithvi Reddy and Mousmi Sharma
    You are so right about Judy!!! Our twins remember her till today ( they are 28) and each time the visit the City they have to see her and spend time with her. She has been and still is not only ours and their teacher but also a friend. Your words are resonant with our deep feelings of deep appreciation, outmost respect, and love towards her. She is a special and compassionate and significant other in their life and ours. You are so right she has a creative spirit, sensitivity and loving heart.
    Judy became one of my dearest friend. No matter how far apart we live, (and we do! We live in Israel) I make sure she stays in our life for ever. Your kid got a present for life I’m sure.
    Dr. Ilana Berger

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