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Judy’s Playgroup is the best experience I could have ever hoped for, for my son Harmony.  Harmony is thriving  in Judy’s world – her  care and curation of their everyday experience is so thoughtful and detailed.  Everything feels authentic from the routine for the day, to the friendships that have evolved,  to the beautiful art projects explored and brought home. Harmony adores his fellow classmates and Meghan and Judy and expresses this to me often which warms my heart to hear.

I feel lucky and grateful to have stumbled across this rare, intimate  experience for Harmony in his 2nd year. Exploring, making friends, sharing, being independent, learning to use the bathroom and eat and chit chat and much more is seamlessly explored in Judy’s Playgroup with the sentiment, care and generosity of spirit one dreams of for their child. 

Stevie Dance

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