We are so happy with our decision to enroll our son in Judy’s Playgroup. When we visited the space last year, we immediately got a great vibe. Every corner of Judy’s playgroup space is filled with bright, fun, and enriching objects.

It turned out to be the perfect place for our son to begin his educational journey. The small group size allows for socialization but also ample attention when needed, which is exactly what we wanted for our 2-year old son.  

Since starting at Judy’s, he has progressed immensely; his vocabulary multiplies by the week. He constantly surprises us with new words and phrases. He has also become more friendly and outgoing in his interactions with other kids, especially after months of quarantine at home with adults only. Most importantly, he loves his time at Judy’s so much. He runs through Judy’s door in the morning as soon as it opens (but not without gentle reminders to have his temperature taken and to sanitize his hands). At home, he talks constantly of his friends from the playgroup as well as Judy and Meghan.

Judy’s care and attention to each child is palpable. She does a great job communicating with parents and bringing us into the fold of what’s going on– it makes us feel like we’re part of the playgroup too! We love the photos that she sends of the children. Receiving them with the Google photo drive is the best part of the week! The art creations our son brings home always get a special place on our mantle. We feel truly fortunate that he got to experience this fun and creative program at this young age. 

Liz Lin & Matt Styczynski


Judy’s Playgroup is the best experience I could have ever hoped for, for my son Harmony.  Harmony is thriving  in Judy’s world – her  care and curation of their everyday experience is so thoughtful and detailed.  Everything feels authentic from the routine for the day, to the friendships that have evolved,  to the beautiful art projects explored and brought home. Harmony adores his fellow classmates and Meghan and Judy and expresses this to me often which warms my heart to hear.

I feel lucky and grateful to have stumbled across this rare, intimate  experience for Harmony in his 2nd year. Exploring, making friends, sharing, being independent, learning to use the bathroom and eat and chit chat and much more is seamlessly explored in Judy’s Playgroup with the sentiment, care and generosity of spirit one dreams of for their child. 

Stevie Dance


Although we have friends who have raved about Judy’s Playgroup, we were hesitant to enroll our daughter this year given COVID.  But boy are we glad we did.  Judy has been extremely vigilant about putting everyone’s health and safety first. Plus, it has been nice to have Judy and fellow parents to navigate these crazy times with. 

Most importantly, our daughter could not be happier. We have really seen her thrive. We knew the minute we walked into Judy’s magical wonderland and saw our daughter excitedly play with the endless toys and curiosities that this was going to be a special place. But it has been so much more than we could have hoped. Whether it’s the excitement of seeing the friends she loves or sharing the latest creation she worked on at Judy’s (i.e. the fabulous books, necklaces, vegan goldfish, banana bread muffins, art projects, the list goes on…) it’s just been amazing to see our daughter blossom and grow.  

We love knowing our daughter is under the watchful guidance of Judy whose immense heart, creative spirit and extensive experience bring the perfect balance of free play, socialization and learning to make this truly a perfect experience. We could not be happier and feel so lucky to have found Judy.  

Prithvi Reddy and Mousmi Sharma


I loved my time at Judy’s Playgroup. I’m 32 and my best friends are still from there! It’s a community, creative loving and engaged. I feel so lucky.

  • Lena Dunham, Class of 1989