Coming Back Together

This week the playgroup kids returned after a two week break.  I have noticed for years that there is something so sweet about coming back together after a long absence.  While the break is unfathomably long for the kids (time is so abstract when we are young), they have been very occupied with family, friends and their normal life in general.  Belonging to a group (no matter the size) is a powerful human need.

I miss them too.  For them, they miss everything about the playgroup: me, Kristen, each other and the playgroup space itself.  When I see my daughter, which is much less frequent now that she lives in Vermont, I realize most how much I miss her when I see her.  I’ve gotten used to her being away, even when she only lived in Brooklyn.  I think our assumption (a picture we hold in our mind) that the people and places we are attached to are just as we left them last, comforts us in our longing.  I wasn’t going to use this overused phrase, but here goes: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Its centuries-old roots are unknown (or at least debated).  Longing is a very real emotion, and one that even very young children possess.

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